Ian Bodkin is a writer living and breathing in Richmond, VA. He writes letters, words, and such. His poetry comes from the lips of madmen that he swears existed at some given point in space and time. He also writes comics and narratives of various lengths and characterization. Ian Bodkin is the author of the collection, Every Word Was Once Drunk, writer and creator of The Savage Lyrics comic from Sink/Swim Press, and co-author of the collection, Fingertip Scripture, written with poet Lee Busby.


Christian D. Leaf is an art director with delusions of being a comic artist, who keeps dreaming that dream. His work has been featured in Perhapanauts and Super Human Resources. He currently resides in RVA with his lovely wife and daughter, along with their two cats — The Dude (he really ties the room together…) and Oliver.


William Bennett, (artists for issues 1 and 2) born in California and raised in Richmond, Virginia, is a freelance illustrator and high school senior at the Collegiate School. His work has been featured on the cover of My Dance With Grace, a memoir written by his cross country coach Weldon Bradshaw, on apparel published by Ript Apparel, and in 9WG Studios during a solo show held in January. 

Fascination with art has been a constant presence from a young age, and encouragement from his parents has fanned the flame of creativity and imagination and led to the development of various techniques that include both digital and traditional methods. 

When not confined to his drafting table, William occupies himself by playing the keyboard for theband Paddle Faster and running for the Collegiate School cross country and track teams, as well as working as a shoe salesmen.